Capricorn Power awarded Commonwealth Gvt grant

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, today announced that Capricorn Power will receive a grant of  $292,750 to manufacture our innovative high-efficiency engine to convert waste heat to electricity — the Barton engine — as a pilot project.

Design and construction is now proceeding at Austeng, in North Geelong.

The announcement was made as part of a $M20 package of support for Geelong and Corangamite regions,  to support industrial and economic development, and regional economic development.

The engine will enhance energy productivity and sustainability at a customer site by providing reliable low-cost electricity and reduced waste and emissions, with the only energy input being ‘waste heat’.

According to the government announcement:
“Capricorn Power’s product innovation represents a major advancement in waste and emissions reduction, improving sustainability and energy productivity, with electricity generation from waste heat a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar global market.”

Key outcomes of this stage of Capricorn Power development and commercialisation will be: validated engine cost, performance and reliability data, at up to 30 kWe and targeted 95% up-time.

This will enable commercial close of more sales in our pipeline; both power purchase agreements and power generation system sales.

These successful projects reinforce Geelong’s image as a world class hub for ‘makers and innovators’.