Capricorn Power has won a host of prestigious clean energy awards and grants.

At Capricorn Power, we are incredibly proud of the accolades we have received since launching the Barton Engine prototype. These awards and grants have propelled our mission to combat global climate change by harnessing clean energy from waste heat.

Regional Jobs and Investment Packages – Geelong grant recipient

In January 2018, Capricorn Power was awarded a $292,750 Business Innovation grant for our high efficiency engine converting waste heat to electricity. The engine was recognised for enhancing energy productivity and sustainability at a customer site by providing low cost electricity and reduced waste and emissions. It was also noted that “commercialising an innovative clean tech product enables potentially very large engineering and manufacturing job growth for ex-auto skills serving new, global markets of the future”.

Celebrating the launch of the Barton Engine prototype with (left to right): Hon Ms Sarah Henderson MP, Mike Hodgkinson (CEO, Capricorn Power), Hon Malcolm Turnbull (Former Prime Minister of Australia), and Lyn George (Corporate Director, Austeng and Board Director, Capricorn Power)

Australian Technologies Competition – 2018 New Energy Winner

In October 2018, Capricorn Power won the ‘New Energy’ category as part of the highly coveted Australian Technologies Competition (ATC). The competition connects experienced entrepreneurs, business builders, angel investors, venture capital funds, commercialisation experts and leading corporate and government representatives with founders in a collaborative environment.

Mike Hodgkinson (CEO, Capricorn Power) and Dr Noel Barton (Chief Technology Officer, Capricorn Power) receive the ATC New Energy Award from Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP (Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change)

Australian Engineering Excellence Awards – 2018 Victorian Finalist

The Barton Engine was recognised as a Victorian finalist in the 2018 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (AEEA) for representing “a major step forward in the waste heat to power field”. The awards recognise outstanding achievement in engineering and the invaluable contribution engineering makes to the economy, the community and the environment.

The Capricorn Power team celebrate at the AEEA awards ceremony (top, left to right): Mike Hodgkinson (CEO, Capricorn Power), Peter Young (Board Director, Capricorn Power) and Dr Noel Barton (Chief Technology Officer,  Capricorn Power),  (bottom, left to right):  Ross George (Managing Director, Austeng and Board Director, Capricorn Power) and Rowan Doyle (Head of Project Development, Capricorn Power)

Climate Launchpad – 2017 Finalist 

Capricorn Power was thrilled to represent Australia as a finalist at the 2017 Climate Launchpad in Cyprus. Climate Launchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition committed to “fixing climate change, one start-up at a time”. The programme equips start-ups with the skills to achieve global success.

Geoff Andrews (Board Chair, Capricorn Power) and Mike Hodgkinson (CEO, Capricorn Power) representing Australia at Climate Launchpad in Cyprus.

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