Is the Barton Engine presently for sale?

Yes, we are selling modular engines for delivery to South eastern Australia only, in H2 2020.  In 2021 we will sell Nationally. If you have a waste heat source of at least 400 kw thermal (and local electricity demand) or 700 kw thermal (wholesale electricity) then please complete the contact us form and we will respond.

Does the Barton Engine scale up?

Yes. A single Barton Engine is economic and efficient at a hundred kilowatts and scalable up to megawatts. The engine design is also modular which means multiple engines can be connected for larger projects.  We are planning to design and demonstrate larger engines over time.

Does Capricorn Power sell Furnaces / Solar collectors / Pyrolysis units to create heat?

No. Capricorn Power partners with organisations for demonstration projects or can integrate with an existing solution at a customer site.

How much does the Barton Engine cost?

The Barton Engine is customised to suit your waste heat source. Capricorn Power offers a project advisory service to help you install a complete, clean energy system. If you would like a quote for your site, please contact us

How does the Barton Engine work?

The heat source brings the air to a high temperature. The air generates work –  the expander drives the piston cylinder which drives the generator. As the piston moves back in the exhaust stroke, hot air is pushed through the recuperator. The recuperator reclaims most of the heat, before being cooled to a low temperature and compressed. The process then resumes.

How much waste do you need to produce to power the Barton Engine?

You need to have a reliable long term supply of at least 3,000 tonnes per annum of organic waste.

Does Capricorn Power sell furnaces, solar collectors and pyrolysis units to create heat?

No. Capricorn Power does however offer a project advisory service whereby we can design a complete custom solution using components sourced from reliable third party suppliers. We are able to integrate the Barton Engine with your existing system drawing on our engineering expertise.

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