Barton Engine

A revolution in converting waste heat into clean, low cost power.

Do you want to be kinder to the environment by reducing waste and harmful emissions?
Are you tired of paying too much for gas and electricity?

With the Barton Engine you can create cheap, clean electricity using a globally abundant resource – waste heat. And you can do it onsite with no disruption to operations.

The Barton Engine will transform your waste problem into sustainable heat and power at a fraction of the scale, complexity and cost of other products on the market.

Invented by world-leading heat engine expert, Dr Noel Barton, the engine has been successfully demonstrated at two sites with exceptional results. We have now partnered with award-winning engineering firm, Austeng to bring this revolutionary engine to market.

Manufactured in Geelong – the city of makers and innovators – the Barton Engine represents a quantum leap in converting heat to power in a way that is simple, efficient and scalable.

Top 10 benefits of the Barton Engine

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: No emissions and no water use. The closed-loop flowsheet just uses air as the working fluid.
  • EFFICIENT: Produces up to 3x the electricity of the Organic Rankine Cycle at container scale.
  • SCALABLE: Economic and efficient at a hundred kilowatts and scalable up to megawatts.
  • VERSATILE: Works with any heat source over 300ºC including furnace waste heat, landfill gas, exhaust heat and waste incineration. The modular design comes in 100kW units tailored to your needs.
  • COMPACT: Manufactured, delivered and operated in a 20-foot container.
  • SMART: Real-time, smart energy platform allows you to save more using demand management and grid support services with Artificial Intelligence.
  • RELIABLE: Powers on when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: A turnkey solution that connects to your waste heat source with mostly off-the-shelf components and connects to your switchboard using an AS4777 compliant inverter.
  • AWARD-WINNING: Winner of multiple awards including the 2018 Australian Technologies Competition (New Energy).
  • SUPPORTED: Local Geelong manufacturer, Austeng will install the engine and provide national ongoing support and reliable maintenance.

How does the Barton Engine convert heat into power?

The heat source brings the air to a high temperature. The air generates work – the expander drives the piston cylinder which drives the generator. As the piston moves back in the exhaust stroke, hot air is pushed through the recuperator. The recuperator reclaims most of the heat, before being cooled to a low temperature and compressed. The process then resumes.

A complete, customised, clean energy system

At Capricorn Power, we have the engineering expertise to create a turnkey solution tailored to your site. Through our project advisory service, we can provide a bespoke system that includes:

  • Heat extraction from the flue – connect the Barton Engine directly to your heat source with no impact on operations.
  • A heat exchanger – an efficient, low cost heat exchanger that connects your heat source to the Barton Engine.
  • Thermal energy storage – a thermal storage unit that seamlessly integrates into the Barton Engine giving you the potential to store electricity at a fraction of the cost of electrochemical batteries.

Download the Technical Summary

Click here to download a PDF that summarises the technical specifications

Ready to reduce your energy costs and harmful emissions?