Barton Engine

At the centre of Capricorn Power’s offering is the Barton Engine, which is a game-changing advance in heat engines.

Demonstration unit Q2 2020

  • over 30% design efficiency, up to 3 times Organic Rankine Cycle at design temperature of 450°C
  • closed-loop flowsheet using air as the working fluid
  • modest temperatures and pressures (20 bar)
  • mature, standard components (almost all off-the-shelf)
  • air-cooled, can provide heat (i.e. Combined Heat and Power) up to 80°C
  • patent-pending
  • manufactured, delivered and operated in a 20’ (6m) container
  • no emissions and no water usage.

Modular units

20’ (6m) container

  • 75 kWe peak
  • 150 kWe peak

40’ (12m) container

  • 225 kWe peak
  • 300 kWe peak