Imagine if you could reduce waste and produce clean energy with one simple and efficient engine.

Now imagine renewable, affordable and reliable electricity being available onsite 24/7.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. At Capricorn Power we have developed a revolutionary engine that efficiently transforms waste heat into electricity. Onsite. At low cost. With zero emissions. And zero water use. Delivered and installed in a standard shipping container. If you’re concerned about rising energy prices and want to reduce your carbon footprint, be part of the solution.

Embrace the renewable energy revolution with Capricorn Power.

I urge all decision makers – in government, industry, and the community – to listen to the science and focus on the goal of reducing emissions, while maximising economic growth. The magnitude of the task: it is huge and will require a truly global effort.” – Dr Alan Finkel AO | Australia’s Chief Scientist

Our world in crisis

Climate change. Skyrocketing gas and energy prices. Excessive waste.
It’s the crisis trifecta that people all over the world are grappling with. We know it’s no longer viable to burn fossil fuels for energy. We know we need to make electricity more affordable. We know we need to take drastic action to reduce global waste. But how? Many brilliant technologies have been developed to reduce our emissions. But we can’t sit back and rely on solar and wind while 72% of global energy is wasted.

Large power stations built using Steam Rankine Cycle technology are complicated, expensive and don’t scale down well. They also use large amounts of water, which is increasingly unsustainable. Organic Rankine Cycle power stations are inefficient, typically only turning 9 to 15% of heat into electricity at container scale.

Is there a solution? Yes, and it’s brilliantly simple.

At Capricorn Power we are harnessing the power of waste heat – a multibillion-dollar opportunity that has been left virtually untouched. Until now.

The Barton Engine converts over 30% of heat energy into electricity – a quantum leap in energy efficiency at this scale.
Delivered onsite in a compact green container, this brilliant technology has the power to reduce waste, reduce emissions and reduce energy costs in one hit.

“(The Barton Engine) has the potential to turn waste heat into electricity with incredible applications. It’s a very exciting innovation and a really good example of how we on the ground in Geelong are making a real difference.”

Sarah Henderson MP | Australian Senator | Division of Corangamite
  • Environmentally Friendly

    No emissions and no water use. The closed-loop flowsheet just uses air as the working fluid.

  • Efficient

    Produces up to 3x the electricity of the Organic Rankine Cycle at container scale.

  • Scalable

    Economic and efficient at a hundred kilowatts and scalable up to megawatts.

  • Versatile

    Works with any heat source over 300ºC including furnace waste heat, landfill gas, exhaust heat and waste incineration.

  • Compact

    Manufactured, delivered and operated in a 20-foot container.

  • Easy to Install

    A turnkey solution that connects to your waste heat source with mostly off-the-shelf components and connects to your switchboard using an AS4777 compliant inverter.

  • Award-Winning

    Winner of multiple awards including the 2018 Australian Tehcnologies Competition (New Energy).

The proof is in the prototype

Let’s build a better world for future generations, one green container at a time.
Are you ready to join the renewables revolution?

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