Our vision is to develop the best possible method for electricity generation from renewable or waste heat sources


We all need electricity.

But we need a livable climate.

So our electricity must be sustainable, low-emissions, reliable and affordable.


Capricorn Power’s new heat engine is based on a proven thermodynamic cycle, but with patented innovations so we can efficiently convert heat from a wide range of sources into reliable electricity, even at micro-grid scale.

High efficiency at small scale allows us to go to the source of waste, reducing disposal costs, competing with retail prices for electricity, and allowing beneficial use of cogeneration. Our system involves pressures no greater than 20 bar and uses mostly off-the- shelf components. Low capital cost and high efficiency means the Levelised Cost of Electricity is excellent.

How it works


Step 1

Widely available heat sources in the temperature range 350-600°C include:
  • combustion of biomass (pyrolysis, combustion, char-making, gasification, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas …)
  • solar thermal (trough, linear Fresnel, heliostat-tower)
  • waste industrial process heat
  • engine exhaust (diesel, open cycle gas turbine)


Step 2

We convert heat to electricity using our special thermodynamic cycle (patent pending). At 425°C we target high efficiency (> 40%) at 100 kWe scale, with engine waste heat available for cogeneration.


Step 3

From renewable heat sources, we provide green electricity, displacing fossil fuel combustion and greenhouse gas emissions. Low-grade engine waste heat (< 75°C) can be used for cogeneration, displacing natural gas heating and resulting in additional greenhouse savings.
Our customer gets discounted (behind-the- meter) electricity and heat, and often solves a waste disposal problem. Local jobs are created in waste materials handling, operations, maintenance and administration.


Step 4

It’s not only thermodynamics and engineering … with our proprietary financial model for power generation from woody waste material, we can help you establish the business case for investment.


Geoff Andrews


Mike Hodgkinson

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Young


Ross George

Chief Engineering Officer

Noel Barton

Chief Technical Officer

BSc PhD DUniv (h.c.) FAustMS AM

Noel Barton was educated at the University of Western Australia, finishing in 1973 with a PhD in applied mathematics. Prior to becoming a full-time inventor in 2004, he held appointments at the University of New South Wales (1975-81) and CSIRO Australia (1973-74, 1981-2003). Up until 2016, he was Managing Director of his own company, Sunoba Pty Ltd, during which period he developed completely new thermodynamic cycles for heat engines and heat pumps. His work since mid-2012 has focused on new methods to convert heat to power, especially from waste and renewable heat sources, and including the use of thermal storage.

In addition to his PhD, Dr Barton has an honorary doctorate from Queensland University of Technology. He is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Australian Mathematical Society, an Ambassador of Business Events Sydney and a Member of the Order of Australia (2002) for his services to mathematics.

Lyn George

Director, and Company Secretary